Success stories of Jiyo Parsi
    •   Nekzan and Delara

      Nekzan and Delara ( names changed to protect identity) were both in their late thirties. They were married since 7 years and had been trying to become parents since last 4 years.

      Due to hectic work schedules, they hardly had time to relax and take care of themselves. After changing jobs and settling down in a smaller city they decided to go in for medical treatment in order to conceive.

      Multiple doctors , innumerable tests and three failed treatment cycles had left Nekzan and Delara financially and emotionally broken. However, deep in their hearts the desire to be called mom and dad by their own child was still burning.

      One day , Delara saw a very interesting advertisement about Jiyo Parsi. She checked the internet and found out that the Jiyo Parsi programme gives reimbursement to Parsi couples who are undergoing treatment to tackle issues of fertility.

      The dream of having a baby seemed to become a reality in the near future because it was lack of resources that had forced the couple to stop treatment. They went through the treatment this time without the financial pressure causing a great deal of stress to them. God had His own plans. The treatment failed again .

      Delara was very upset but after talking to Rita , the Jiyo Parsi counsellor she was willing to try one more time. God's delays are never God's denials. When the tests revealed that Delara was indeed pregnant, the joy they experienced was beyond measure.
    •   Frohar and Fiona

      The programme also stresses the importance of having more than one child. Frohar and Fiona had a loving, charming little son Farheen who was the life of every party. He was friendly and active when he was with peers and friends but at home seemed to be lonely and depressed.

      Both Frohar and Fiona wondered what they should do. After listening to a presentation of Jiyo Parsi given by their counsellor who herself was managing a career with 3 kids, they decided to seek assistance for a second child. Their dream came true and today Farheen is as active and happy at home as he used to be when he was with friends.
Many other couples have experiencend renewed hope after knowing about the Jiyo Parsi programme.

The Bombay Parsi Punchayet Success Stories


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