The Government of India through Ministry of Minority Affairs had initiated the Jiyo Parsi Scheme in September 2013. However, the Scheme needs to continue steadily for some time to show impact. Thus, the scheme is being continued with certain revisions in the norms.

The Jiyo Parsi scheme will continue in the remaining period of the 14th Financial Commission, i.e., next three years (2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20). This is a 100% Central Sector Scheme.

I. The Jiyo Parsi Scheme comprises of three components:

The Advocacy component plays a major role in encouraging Parsi couples to apply for the medical reimbursement scheme and in influencing the mindset of couples to have more than one child. The various means used in the advocacy programme are:

Advertisement Campaign

featuring young Parsi couples with their babies to persuade young Parsis to get married and have children for a balanced life


on topics like relationship management, drug awareness, learning disabilities, parenting and family life

Heritage Walks

Presentations and Help Desks at Community Events

Visits to gynaecologists to raise awareness about the scheme

Counselling sessions with prospective applicants as well as registered patients

Awareness generation in with prospective couples who can have second or third child

Social Media activities through regular community updates on the Jiyo Parsi Facebook page and WhatsApp groups

Placement of articles and stories in print media Placement of articles and stories in print media : with the aim of influencing the mindsets of the community

Creation of Jiyo Parsi brochure in English and Gujarati for distribution across India

2. Health of the Community component Introduced as part of the revised norms, this new pilot scheme will cover:
Childcare and Crèche Support

to help take the burden off nuclear families, working professionals or families encumbered with more elderly members and encourage them to have a second and third child.

Senior Citizen Honorarium for Childcare

To help take the burden off nuclear families, working professionals by providing an honorarium to senior citizens who can supervise the couple's children and provide trustworthy atmosphere, as well as help disseminate culture from one generation to the next.

Assistance to Elderly

For the Elderly members of a couple's family, in cases where supporting them is acting as a deterrent to start a family or have more than one child.

3. Medical Component This involves treating fertility related issues as soon as they are detected.:
Financial assistance would be provided for investigation and detection of infertility.

Counseling and fertility treatment will be offered to Parsi couples after their fertility problem is medically detected.

Financial assistance will be provided for the Infertility treatment.

Eligibility criteria: The Jiyo Parsi Scheme is applicable only to married Parsi couples.

II. Financial Assistance

i. Medical Component

Financial assistance will be provided for the Infertility treatment.Financial assistance would be extended for diagnostics and consultation, fertility treatment, cost of medicines, follow-up, hospitalization, pregnancy, delivery charges, Post-delivery assistance as necessary to ensure health and survival of mother and child. The percentage of financial assistance will be based on income levels as per the table below:
Sr. No Annual Family Income from all sources Financial Assistance to be provided
1 Rs. 15 lakh & below 100 %
2 Rs. 15 - 25 lakh 75 %
3 Rs. 25 lakh and above 50 %

ii. Health of the Community component
The crèche/childcare support :

will be provided to the parents. The fee for crèche would be maximum Rs. 4,000/- or actual whichever is lesser, per child only up-to the age of 8 years.

Senior citizen honorarium for childcare :

would be Rs. 3,000/- per child per month up-to the age of 10 years of the child.

Assistance to elderly:

would be Rs. 4,000/- per month per person after an age of 70 years. This component of assistance for elderly dependents is envisaged to provide monetary assistance to Parsi couples with family income below Rs. 10 lakhs who have elderly members residing with the family and in cases where such responsibility is a deterrent to starting or increasing the number of children.

* The care of the beneficiary will be checked upon by the Jiyo Parsi counselor on a trial basis of six months.

* The maximum number of beneficiaries will be 100

* If a child, first or sibling is conceived the monetary provisions for the elderly will continue for the duration of the life of the elderly, as long as the scheme exists.


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