The BPP is the Apex Trust of the Parsi Community worldwide.

BPP was Established in 1681; is 333 years YOUNG.

THE BPP BOARD has 7 TRUSTEES – the SENIORMOST being its CHAIRMAN. The present Board comprises of Mr. Dinshaw R. Mehta, Chairman, Trustees - Mrs. Arnavaz J. Mistry, Mr. Jimmy R. Mistry, Mr. Khojeste P. Mistree, Mr. Yazdi H. Desai, Mrs. Armaity R. Tirandaz and Mr. Muncherji N. M. Cama.

The TRUSTEES are duly elected under ADULT FRANCHISE every 7 years. The maximum term of a Trustee is for 21 years if elected again in subsequent elections from time to time.

BPP caters to MULTIFARIOUS ACTIVITIES in the broad fields of SOCIAL, CULTURAL, EDUCATION, HOUSING, SPORTS ETC. Its main function is to look after and maintain Doongerwadi Estate where our dead are consigned to the Towers of Silence.

All the activities are important and many of them are sub-divided like Education say from K.G. to 10th Standard, Junior College to Masters Degrees and Phd, other multi studies disciplines like Hospitality, Medicines (different streams), Fine Arts, Vocational Education etc.

Awards like BPP Education, Dr. D.N. Scholarships, J. R. D. Tata Scholarships, Sapur & Tehmina Desai Memorial Scholarship, Seth Khurshedji Faredunjee Parukh’s Gold Medal for Mobeds, Piroja Fali Forbes Scholarship.

With the set of parameters, Rules and Regulations the B.P.P. caters to Medical Financial Assistance, Doles, 2nd and 3rd Child Financial help, Mobed Amelioration Scheme, Fertility Treatment (no limit on expenses and/or the number of fertility cycles), Holiday Programme for the Youth(HPY), Matrimonial Meets.

BPP as well arranges for Wool Tops (Kusti Oon) at subsidized rates including supplying the same in bulk quantities from time to time to centres such as Navsari, Surat, Ahmedabad ,Pune, Valsad etc. for weaving the Kustis. Kustis purchased from Gujarat especially Navsari etc. are sold on non-profit basis to the Parsi/Irani community members.

BPP also caters to the Defunct Anjumans spread all over the country.

BPP has as well its Library with rare and important books and publications.

BPP Total staff of approx. 360 is spread amongst its H.O.,Sub-Office (Huges Road), F. S. Parukh Dharamshalla (OLD AGE HOME), Bai Soonabai & Seth Behramji H. Sorabji Parsi Students’ Hostel, Lady Hirabail Cowasji Jehangir Health Unit, Doongerwadi (Tower of Silence), Estate-Colonies/Baugs, F.D.Alpaiwalla Musem, Sanjan Boyce Dharamshalla and Vimadalal Pavillion, Sir J.J. Zarathosti Mulla Madressa, Godavara Agiary, Shapurji Fakirji Agiary, M.P. Khareghat Memorial Hall.

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